Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reason Number 24 Why The NFL Sucks: Overtime Rules

This will be an ongoing (possibly never ending) series of posts describing in detail the many reasons why the NFL sucks.

This one completely baffles me. NFL lovers actually believe the college overtime system is messed up. Let’s break this one down. In the NFL, the coin toss is beyond huge because the winner of that gets the ball first and only has to drive about 30 yards and kick a field goal to win. Speaking of which, approximately 99% of NFL overtime games are won by kicking a field goal…how exciting! Remember that wonderful OT game last year? Here’s how it ended: The team that won the toss received the kickoff and returned it to the 25 yard line. After a couple of conservative play calls, the team reached the opponent’s 30 yard line. Then they ran the ball up the middle twice for no gain and kicked the winning field goal on third down (because if there is a bad snap the holder can spike the ball and they can kick on fourth down—the announcer will no doubt mention this repeatedly). The kick is good! YAY! Now you may be asking yourself: Which game was that? THAT WAS EVERY GAME…every OT game in the NFL plays out exactly like that. A team gets to the 30 yard line, runs two plays up the middle for no gain and then kicks a field goal. Now in college each team gets the ball once and gets a chance to score; what a novel concept! College football bashers always say they don’t like when championships are decided by judges and votes (stupid argument by the way, but I won’t get into it now). Well I don’t like when games are decided by coin tosses and kickers.


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