Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The BCS Haters Are At It Again

The Empire (ESPN) ran two articles today regarding the BCS: Ivan Maisel wants to keep it, while Pat Forde wants a playoff. Maisel argues his point with all the vigor of a guy whose girlfriend is dragging him around the mall ("Yeah baby, that dress looks great, buy it and let's go.")...his heart is obviously not into it. Pat Forde, meanwhile, holds nothing back and spits out all the familiar inane pro-playoff arguments. One of my favorites is the "let them settle it on the field" routine. Where do the 12 regular season games take place? On a court? A rink? They do settle it on the field, over the course of 12 intense games. The Giants won the Super Bowl last year but were not the best team, the Patriots were. And here's the kicker: THEY PROVED IT ON THE FIELD by winning 18 straight games and beating the Giants the last game of the regular season. How can people continually defend a system (playoffs) where the best team from the beginning to the end of the season rarely is crowned champion, yet continually bash a system (BCS) that more often than not crowns the best team (again by proving it on the field over the course of an entire season) as champion?


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