Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reason Number 11 Why The NFL Sucks: Instant Replay

This will be an ongoing (possibly never ending) series of posts describing in detail the many reasons why the NFL sucks.

There is nothing “instant” about replay in the NFL. There is supposedly a 2 minute time limit for the referee to go to his private booth on the sideline where he can see the play from several different angles. I have never seen a replay take less than two minutes. Here’s how it always works: After the coach throws out the red flag, the TV network will show a series of replays of the controversial play, go to a commercial for 3 minutes, and then come back and the ref is still chillin at the TV monitor on the sidelines. So we see the same replays again for another minute until the ref finally comes back and tells us that the play stands because “there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the field.” NFL refs take “indisputable evidence” more seriously than Dave Chappelle during the R Kelly jury selection (Maybe if I saw a video of R Kelly pissing on a girl while holding up two forms of government ID while his grandmother is watching…). There is less reasonable doubt in most of these replays than in the OJ trial and they still don’t overturn the call. I’ll take the college version of replay any day, although it is still not perfect. They have a guy in the booth reviewing every single play to make sure it’s right and if a play on the field is called wrong they call the ref and let him know. It is much quicker and they overturn many more incorrect calls during the average game.


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